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Membership in the Swiss Insurance Association (SIA) offers numerous benefits for insurance companies. If you are interested in joining, simply fill out the form below. Please note that membership in the industry association is not available to insurance brokers, intermediaries or private individuals. 

Who is it for?

SIA membership is open to all insurance companies and Swiss branches of foreign companies that are licensed by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority to carry out insurance activities in Switzerland or are exempt from supervision under Art. 2 para. 2 ISA. 

What is the SIA?

SIA stands for Swiss Insurance Association. According to its statutes, the association’s main purpose is to represent the interests of its members. As a member, you benefit from a range of valuable services and knowledge. For example, we keep our members up to date with the latest industry news and developments, while events such as Insurers’ Day provide an opportunity to network, share experiences and listen to high-calibre speakers give talks on insurance-related topics. 

How is it run?

The SIA head office has comprehensive issue monitoring and issue management in place, which includes products such as ‘Polit News’ (exclusively for members), ‘Sessionsbrief SVV’, and a daily media monitor that highlights the most relevant articles for the insurance industry (exclusively for members). The SIA is based on a voluntary model. In committees and permanent commissions, the member companies and their employees are directly involved in the association’s activities. The 14-person Managing Board is responsible for the overall management of the SIA and also decides on the admission of new members. 

How is it financed?

The SIA is mainly financed through membership fees. The annual fee includes the membership fee (calculated individually for each member company according to specific cost factors) and contributions for the campaign fund and the independent Ombudsman’s Office. The annual fee for primary insurers is worked out on the basis of their annual premium revenue, while the fee for reinsurers depends on how many employees they have. Under the federal law on old age and survivors’ insurance (OASI), association members are required to join the association’s compensation fund. 

What are the benefits?

  • Issue monitoring and issue management, as well as representation of the interests of the insurance industry towards all relevant stakeholders, especially political stakeholders, public administration and the Financial Market Supervisory Authority 
  • Regular information about political activities relevant to the insurance industry, plus information about industry-related dialogue between Finma and the SIA 
  • Active involvement in our voluntary committees for different topics and areas of business (on request and where possible) 
  • Opportunities to exchange knowledge with other companies on current topics not related to competition and the markets 
  • Participation in Finma tests and pilot projects 
  • Events with high-calibre speakers and related networking opportunities 
  • Affiliation with the insurance compensation fund AK 81/FAK 81 
  • Drafting and provision of texts for use on media- and society-related topics affecting the whole industry 
  • Various industry solutions and benefits 


The Swiss Insurance Association places great emphasis on having as many private insurers as possible in Switzerland among its members. Because the SIA speaks for more than 80 percent of private insurers, we have a big say when representing the interests of the industry when it comes to the political sphere, public administration and the Financial Market Supervisory Authority. With regard to Finma in particular, it is important that as many private insurance companies as possible are members of the SIA, so that its regulatory activities cover as much of the insurance industry as possible through the association. 

What is the next step?

After you have submitted the completed form, we will assess your membership application as quickly as possible – and then send you a provisional fee calculation. We will then get in touch to let you know the next steps in the admissions process. The final decision on the admission of new members rests with the Managing Board of the SIA. 


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Tel. +41 44 208 28 23

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