Head Of­fice

Portrait03 July 2023

The head office team and the SIA ad-hoc bodies define the political positions of the SIA.


Urs Arbter_Teambild

Urs Arbter

CEO, Chairman of the Executive Board
urs [dot] arbter [at] svv [dot] ch
Yanick Auchli_Teambild

Yanick Auchli

Strategic Assistant to the CEO
yanick [dot] auchli [at] svv [dot] ch
Oliver Bernet_Teambild

Oliver Bernet

Digital Media and Newsroom Expert
oliver [dot] bernet [at] svv [dot] ch
Christophe Bettin_Teambild

Christophe Bettin

Educational Politics Issues Expert
christophe [dot] bettin [at] svv [dot] ch
Anna Boffo_Teambild

Anna Boffo

Public Affairs Expert
anna [dot] boffo [at] svv [dot] ch
Monika Eggenschwiler_Teambild

Monika Eggenschwiler

Finance and Accounting Expert
monika [dot] eggenschwiler [at] svv [dot] ch
Ursi Frey_Teambild

Ursi Frey

Head of Finances and Services
ursi [dot] frey [at] svv [dot] ch
Adrian Groebli_Teambild

Adrian Gröbli

Head of Life Insurance
adrian [dot] groebli [at] svv [dot] ch
Barbara Guggisberg_Teambild

Barbara Guggisberg

Life and Health/Accident Administrator
barbara [dot] guggisberg [at] svv [dot] ch
Sandra Güntensperger Portrait

Sandra Güntensperger

Digital Communication Expert
sandra [dot] guentensperger [at] svv [dot] ch
Mirjam Villier_Teambild

Mirjam Handke

Assistance to the management
mirjam [dot] handke [at] svv [dot] ch
Irène Hänsli_Teambild

Irène Hänsli

Accident Insurance and Short-term Disability Expert
irene [dot] haensli [at] svv [dot] ch
Eduard Held_Teambild

Eduard Held

Director Natural Perils Pool
Head of Non-life and Reinsurance
eduard [dot] held [at] svv [dot] ch
Gabor Jaimes_Teambild

Gabor Jaimes

Property, Cyber and Natural Hazard Insurance Expert
gabor [dot] jaimes [at] svv [dot] ch
Josiane Jotterand_Teambild

Josiane Jotterand

Reception and Logistics
josiane [dot] jotterand [at] svv [dot] ch
Platzhalter Geschäftsstelle

Sara Jurkovic

Trainee Digitale Kommunikation und Politik
sara [dot] jurkovic [at] svv [dot] ch

Nicolas Jutzet

Public Affairs Expert
nicolas [dot] jutzet [at] svv [dot] ch
Deborah Keller_Teambild

Deborah Keller

Strategy Communication Expert
deborah [dot] keller [at] svv [dot] ch
Thilo Kleine_Teambild

Thilo Kleine

thilo [dot] kleine [at] svv [dot] ch
Sandra Kurmann_Teambild

Sandra Kurmann

Divisional Head of General Operating Conditions
Head of Future-Focused Insurance
sandra [dot] kurmann [at] svv [dot] ch
Claudia Meier_Teambild

Claudia Meier

HR administration
claudia [dot] meier [at] svv [dot] ch
Daniela Merola_Teambild

Daniela Merola

Non-life and Reinsurance Claims Adjuster
daniela [dot] merola [at] svv [dot] ch
Jean-Philippe Moser_Teambild

Jean-Philippe Moser

Divisional Head of Insurance Industries, Deputy Director
Divisional Head of Insurance Industries, Deputy Director
jean-philippe [dot] moser [at] svv [dot] ch
Jan Mühlethaler_Teambild

Jan Mühlethaler

Divisional Head of Public Affairs and Communications
Head of Communications
jan [dot] muehlethaler [at] svv [dot] ch

Claus Musterle

Finance and Regulation Trainee
claus [dot] musterle [at] svv [dot] ch
Andreas Parison_Teambild

Andreas Parison

Head of Regulation
andreas [dot] parison [at] svv [dot] ch
Patrizio Pelliccia_Teambild

Patrizio Pelliccia

Claims and insurance medicine Expert
patrizio [dot] pelliccia [at] svv [dot] ch
Denise Piaz_Teambild

Denise Piaz

Health Insurance Expert
denise [dot] piaz [at] svv [dot] ch
Jacqueline Redondo_Teambild

Jacqueline Redondo

Reception and Logistics
jacqueline [dot] redondo [at] svv [dot] ch
Michele Salvi_Teambild

Michele Salvi

Economic Issues Expert and Chief Economist
michele [dot] salvi [at] svv [dot] ch

Matthias Schenker

Head of Health and Accident Insurance
matthias [dot] schenker [at] svv [dot] ch
Krisine Schulze_Teambild

Kristine Schulze

Head of sustainability
kristine [dot] schulze [at] svv [dot] ch

Marianne Sigg

Assistance to the management
marianne [dot] sigg [at] svv [dot] ch
Marija Sommer_Teambild

Marija Sommer

Public Affairs Expert
marija [dot] sommer [at] svv [dot] ch
Franziska Streich_Teambild

Franziska Streich

Law Expert
franziska [dot] streich [at] svv [dot] ch
Anne Cécile Vonlanthen_Teambild

Anne Cécile Vonlanthen-Oesch

Head of Public Affairs
annececile [dot] vonlanthen [at] svv [dot] ch
Tanja Wilke_Teambild

Tanja Wilke

Non-life Expert
tanja [dot] wilke [at] svv [dot] ch