Head Of­fice

Portrait01 May 2020

The head office team and the SIA ad-hoc bodies define the political positions of the SIA.



Sabine Alder

sabine [dot] alder [at] svv [dot] ch
Arbter Teambild

Urs Arbter

Divisional Head of Insurance Strategy and Regulation, Deputy CEO
Head of Finance and Regulation
urs [dot] arbter [at] svv [dot] ch

Christian Bischof

Head of Operations, SVV Solutions AG
christian [dot] bischof [at] svv [dot] ch

Anna Boffo

Public Affairs Expert
anna [dot] boffo [at] svv [dot] ch
Kein Bild

Christina Brugger

Individual Life Insurance and Money Laundering Issues Expert
christina [dot] brugger [at] svv [dot] ch

Thomas Gosteli

Director SVV Solution AG
thomas [dot] gosteli [at] svv [dot] ch

Dominik Gresch

Head of Health and Accident Insurance
dominik [dot] gresch [at] svv [dot] ch

Adrian Gröbli

Head of Life Insurance
adrian [dot] groebli [at] svv [dot] ch
Christiane Gruber

Christiane Gruber

Finance and Accounting Expert
christiane [dot] gruber [at] svv [dot] ch

Barbara Guggisberg

barbara [dot] guggisberg [at] svv [dot] ch
Irène Hänsli

Irène Hänsli

Accident Insurance and Short-term Disability Expert
irene [dot] haensli [at] svv [dot] ch
Daniela Haze Stöckli

Daniela Haze Stöckli

Divisional Head Educational Politics and Employer Issues
Head of Educational Policy and Employer Issues
daniela [dot] haze [at] svv [dot] ch

Thomas Helbling

thomas [dot] helbling [at] svv [dot] ch

Simone Hirt

Digital Media and Publishing Expert
simone [dot] hirt [at] svv [dot] ch
Josiane Jotterand

Josiane Jotterand

Reception and Logistics
josiane [dot] jotterand [at] svv [dot] ch
Sandra Kurmann

Sandra Kurmann

Actuarial and Risk Management Expert
sandra [dot] kurmann [at] svv [dot] ch
Kein Bild

Raget Lütscher

Project Manager SVV Solution AG
raget [dot] luetscher [at] svv [dot] ch
Kein Bild

Noemi Mächler-Sehn

Digital Media and Publishing Trainee
noemi [dot] maechler [at] svv [dot] ch
Kein Bild

Norma Marti

Reception and Logistics
norma [dot] marti [at] svv [dot] ch
Claudia Meier

Claudia Meier

claudia [dot] meier [at] svv [dot] ch

Marco Mentil

Project Manager SVV Solution AG
marco [dot] mentil [at] svv [dot] ch

Daniela Merola

Non-life and Reinsurance Claims Adjuster
daniela [dot] merola [at] svv [dot] ch
Jan Mühlethaler

Jan Mühlethaler

Divisional Head of Public Affairs and Communications
Head of Communications
jan [dot] muehlethaler [at] svv [dot] ch

Gunthard Niederbäumer

Head of Non-life and Reinsurance
gunthard [dot] niederbaeumer [at] svv [dot] ch
Véronique Nüesch

Véronique Nüesch-Amgwerd

Public Affairs Expert
veronique [dot] nuesch [at] svv [dot] ch
Andreas Parison

Andreas Parison

Tax Expert
andreas [dot] parison [at] svv [dot] ch
Denise Piaz

Denise Piaz

Health Insurance Expert
denise [dot] piaz [at] svv [dot] ch
Kein Bild

Frédéric Pittet

Economic Issues Expert
frederic [dot] pittet [at] svv [dot] ch
Lisa Schaller

Lisa Schaller

Digital Media and Publishing Expert
lisa [dot] schaller [at] svv [dot] ch
Gabriela Schneider-Arnold

Gabriela Schneider-Arnold

Marketing and Communication Expert
gabriela [dot] schneider [at] svv [dot] ch
Iggy Schwarz

Iggy Schwarz

Head of HR and Operations
iggy [dot] schwarz [at] svv [dot] ch

Bruno Soltermann

Chief Physician
bruno [dot] soltermann [at] svv [dot] ch

Petra Sondermann

Executive Assistant
petra [dot] sondermann [at] svv [dot] ch

Franziska Streich

Law Expert
franziska [dot] streich [at] svv [dot] ch
Sugimoto Teambild

Takashi Sugimoto

takashi [dot] sugimoto [at] svv [dot] ch
Anne Cécile Vonlanthen

Anne Cécile Vonlanthen-Oesch

Head of Public Affairs
annececile [dot] vonlanthen [at] svv [dot] ch

Tanja Wilke

Non-life Expert
tanja [dot] wilke [at] svv [dot] ch
Barbara Zimmermann

Barbara Zimmermann-Gerster

Educational policy and employer issues Expert
barbara [dot] zimmermann [at] svv [dot] ch