The SIA offers a variety of specialist conferences, courses and other events for employees of SIA members and interested parties from the insurance industry. 

Events calendar
Date Event Location
04.06.2024 Refresher-Modul zum Kurs
«Psychische Beeinträchtigung und Eingliederung»
05.06.2024 InsurTalk Ticino Lugano
06.06.2024 23. Fachtagung Haftpflicht 2024 Bern
21.06.2023 Annual General Meeting and «Insurer's Day» 2024 Bern
29./30.08.2024 Fachtagung Personenschaden 2024 Thun
03.09./25.09./14.11.2024 Kurs «Psychische Beeinträchtigung und Eingliederung» Olten
14.11.2024 «Forum Assurances» 2024 Lausanne
11.12.2024 «Cyber Insurance Summit Switzerland» 2024 Zurich

Language of event: German and/or French 

*Exclusive event for members of the SIA
If you’re interested in attending an event, please register by emailing infoatsvv [dot] ch.