‘Dis­ease out­breaks tend to be swept un­der the car­pet at first’

What viruses are particularly dangerous to humans? In her interview, the virologist Karin Moelling explains why the virus that causes COVID-19 was able to spread so quickly.


Eco­nom­ic Im­pact of the Swiss Fi­nan­cial Sec­tor

Study commissioned by the Swiss Insurance Association (SIA) and the Swiss Bankers Association (SBA).
Figures for 2021.


‘The more dig­i­talised a com­pa­ny is, the more of a tar­get it be­comes’

There has been a marked increase in Internet crime. Florian Schütz, Federal Cyber Security Delegate, answers the most pressing questions.

Forward-looking solutions – with the SIA

The Swiss Insurance Association (SIA) represents the interests of the private insurance industry at national and international level. The association comprises around 70 primary insurers and reinsurers employing a workforce of 47,000 people in Switzerland. Overall, the member companies of the SIA account for around 85 per cent of insurance premiums generated in the Swiss market. This makes the insurance industry and, as a result, the SIA a major force in the Swiss economy. Private insurers are therefore committed to the successful development of the areas they operate in, both in business and in social and political terms, meaning that they assume economic responsibility.