The SIA is a member and partner of various national and international associations and organisations. These excellent connections help it to represent the interests and concerns of its members.

It works particularly closely with certain partners: subsidiary SVV Solution AG, the Natural Perils Pool and the vocational training association VBV. The SIA also supports the work of the Swiss Ombudsman of Insurance and Suva.

Solution AG

SVV Solution AG is the services arm of the SIA. The company develops and operates systems for the exchange of data and information; it also assesses the actuarial value of buildings in cantons without a monopoly on buildings insurance.


Natural Perils Pool

This pool is a voluntary association of private insurers, intended to equalise natural perils claims between members. It enables participants to offer natural perils insurance at a uniform and financially sustainable premium.


Vocational training association VBV

The VBV is the official vocational training body for the Swiss insurance industry. It is responsible for industry-wide vocational training with nationally recognised qualifications, ensuring a continuous supply of skilled employees.



The Ombudsman of Private Insurance and of Suva assists policyholders by finding answers to legal and actuarial issues and offering solution-oriented mediation in the event of conflict. It was created by the SIA in 1972 and has been offering free and impartial services ever since.



The SIA is able to call on a broad national and international network of partners at any time to ensure that the interests and concerns of its members are adequately represented.