Com­mit­ted to in­dus­try-wide ba­sic and ad­vanced train­ing

Context17 January 2022

The VBV-AFA is a service centre for the Swiss private insurers and offers a wide range of activities. 

The VBV-AFA offers insurance-specific education and training; its diplomas are recognized both within the insurance sector and by the Swiss Federal government. Over 800 active specialists in the field of insurance are committed to furthering sector-specific education and training. Working for insurance companies and/or the VBV-AFA’s sponsoring organisations, they provide lectures and talks, act as examiners or take action in association committees, editorial commissions or project groups, thereby guaranteeing a consistent practical orientation. The VBV-AFA’s Berne head office coordinates the association’s many education and policy tasks. 

As a professional industry organisation, the VBV-AFA runs the independent industry register “Cicero”. Cicero. Certified Insurance Competence is a joint education and training label of the Swiss private insurers. The development of a sector-specific system is tangible evidence of the industry’s commitment to furthering the competencies of its employees through regular education and training and to documenting their efforts in a transparent manner. The Cicero label therefore stands for competent advice.