A pletho­ra of of­fers for and by in­sur­ers


SVV Solution AG assesses the actuarial value of buildings located in cantons without a monopoly on buildings insurance. It also operates various mutual data exchange systems for insurers and systems to exchange data with third parties.

SVV Solution AG is a services company that belongs to the Swiss Insurance Association SIA. It offers numerous services for all insurers and is a viable company that supports itself. The costs for its services are borne by the insurance companies.

Buildings surveys

SVV Solution AG employs specialists to assess the actuarial value of buildings located in the so called GUSTAVO cantons (Uri, Schwyz, Obwalden, Valais, Geneva, Ticino and Appenzell Inner Rhodes) and in the Principality of Liechtenstein. Insurers may commission assessments on line via an easy-to-use web application. Results can also be downloaded on line. Basic sheds, detached houses of all sizes and standards and even church buildings and monastery complexes can all be assessed by SVV Solution AG. The SVV solution AG web site has further information on the geographic range of its activities and on key issues when assessing buildings.

IT Systems

SVV Solution AG develops and operates various systems that enable mutual data exchanges among insurers and data exchanges with third parties.

  • Proof of insurance: The clearing centre for electronic automobile and ship insurance certificates is the best-known and most intensively used of those systems. It serves as an electronic link between insurers and road traffic and shipping offices. All data generated by putting vehicles into circulation or taking them out of circulation are exchanged through this system.

  • Car fraud detection: The Car Claims Info system serves to check claims data for possible fraud by applying a scoring model. Car Claims Info only stores vehicle data, Personal data or data on vehicle keepers will not be stored.

  • Co-insurance contracts: The Co-insurance Portal enables parties to digitally exchange all relevant data for settling con-insurance contracts.

  • Statistics: Community statistics serve as a reliable calculation base in accident insurance, motor liability insurance and business liability insurance.

  • Reintegration toolbox: The reintegration toolbox holds interesting data on the average duration of incapacities for work that are used by both accident and daily sickness allowance insurers. In accident insurance, data also cover medical expenses associated with a number of diagnoses.