Crash tests

NewsArchive22 November 2017

From 2002 onwards, the Working Group on Accident Mechanics (AGU Zurich) has worked with the Dynamic Test Center (DTC) in Vauffelin/Bienne and insurers AXA Winterthur and Zurich to establish a crash database of the highest quality.

The database consists of data from the Working Group’s own real-time tests and results from external tests that have been reprocessed to satisfy the AGU’s quality criteria. The database documents simulated life-like vehicle endurance situations for vehicles of younger generations, the deformation characteristics of which had been examined in frontal and rear collisions at low speeds. Humans were not involved in any of the tests.

Once more, no correlation could be found between the amount of the costs of repair and the collision-related change in speed (Delta v).

Both the tests and the establishment of the database have been founded by the Swiss Insurance Association. All data are publicly available at no cost.

Link to the crash database