By including the topic of sustainability in its strategy, the SIA has made a commitment to providing information on the activities of the insurance industry in this area. This first Sustainability Report marks the first step towards achieving this objective. The plan is to publish it once a year. The annual collection of data will serve to illustrate the progress made by the industry in terms of sustainability. At the same time, the SIA will work towards further improving and harmonising the data available, taking international standards as a basis where appropriate. This means that the data collected will allow clearer statements to be made about the sector in the future, and will furnish evidence of the impact of the measures taken by the insurance industry as it moves towards more sustainable behaviour.

The SIA is aware of the efforts needed to achieve the climate targets. It has made a commitment to these targets. All member companies are prepared to live up to their responsibility to help achieve the Paris climate targets. This is their way of making a greater contribution to mastering the central ecological, economic and social challenges – independently and without regulation.