The fi­nan­cial sec­tor re­mains an im­por­tant pil­lar of the econ­o­my

PublicationsArchive22 November 2017

The Swiss financial sector is performing well in the current challenging market environment. Digitalisation of the sector requires substantial investment from companies. At the same time, low interest rates, persistent pressure on margins and the cost of necessary regulatory adjustments are squeezing profitability. Despite this, the financial sector has still been able to expand its economic out-put this year moderately, meaning that it remains a central pillar of the Swiss economy. In 2015, related economic activities, including direct and indirect effects, accounted for a gross value added of around CHF 80 billion and around 400,000 full-time equivalent jobs. This is shown by the results of the economic impact analysis drawn up by BAKBASEL, commissioned by the Swiss Bankers Association (SBA) and the Swiss Insurance Association (SIA).