Head Of­fice


The head office team and the SIA ad-hoc bodies define the political positions of the SIA.


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Yanick Auchli_Teambild

Yanick Auchli

Strategic Assistant to the CEO
yanick [dot] auchli [at] svv [dot] ch
Christophe Bettin_Teambild

Christophe Bettin

Educational Politics Issues Expert
christophe [dot] bettin [at] svv [dot] ch
Mirjam Villier_Teambild

Mirjam Handke

Assistance to the management
mirjam [dot] handke [at] svv [dot] ch
Sandra Kurmann_Teambild

Sandra Kurmann

Divisional Head of General Operating Conditions
Head of Future-Focused Insurance
sandra [dot] kurmann [at] svv [dot] ch

Claus Musterle

Finance and Regulation Trainee
claus [dot] musterle [at] svv [dot] ch
Andreas Parison_Teambild

Andreas Parison

Head of Regulation
andreas [dot] parison [at] svv [dot] ch
Jan Schüpbach

Jan Schüpbach

Economic Issues Expert and Chief Economist
jan [dot] schuepbach [at] svv [dot] ch
Franziska Streich_Teambild

Franziska Streich

Law Expert
franziska [dot] streich [at] svv [dot] ch