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The head office team and the SIA ad-hoc bodies define the political positions of the SIA.


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Oliver Bernet_Teambild

Oliver Bernet

Digital Media and Newsroom Expert
oliver [dot] bernet [at] svv [dot] ch
Anna Boffo_Teambild

Anna Boffo

Public Affairs Expert
anna [dot] boffo [at] svv [dot] ch
Sandra Güntensperger Portrait

Sandra Güntensperger

Digital Communication Expert
sandra [dot] guentensperger [at] svv [dot] ch
Platzhalter Geschäftsstelle

Sara Jurkovic

Trainee Digitale Kommunikation und Politik
sara [dot] jurkovic [at] svv [dot] ch

Nicolas Jutzet

Public Affairs Expert
nicolas [dot] jutzet [at] svv [dot] ch
Deborah Keller_Teambild

Deborah Keller

Strategy Communication Expert
deborah [dot] keller [at] svv [dot] ch
Thilo Kleine_Teambild

Thilo Kleine

thilo [dot] kleine [at] svv [dot] ch
Jan Mühlethaler_Teambild

Jan Mühlethaler

Divisional Head of Public Affairs and Communications
Head of Communications
jan [dot] muehlethaler [at] svv [dot] ch
Lisa Schaller_Teambild

Lisa Schaller

lisa [dot] schaller [at] svv [dot] ch
Marija Sommer_Teambild

Marija Sommer

Public Affairs Expert
marija [dot] sommer [at] svv [dot] ch
Anne Cécile Vonlanthen_Teambild

Anne Cécile Vonlanthen-Oesch

Head of Public Affairs
annececile [dot] vonlanthen [at] svv [dot] ch