Head Of­fice

Portrait06 March 2023

The head office team and the SIA ad-hoc bodies define the political positions of the SIA.


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Christina Brugger_Teambild

Christina Brugger

Individual Life Insurance and Money Laundering Issues Expert
christina [dot] brugger [at] svv [dot] ch
Adrian Groebli_Teambild

Adrian Gröbli

Head of Life Insurance
adrian [dot] groebli [at] svv [dot] ch
Barbara Guggisberg_Teambild

Barbara Guggisberg

barbara [dot] guggisberg [at] svv [dot] ch
Irène Hänsli_Teambild

Irène Hänsli

Accident Insurance and Short-term Disability Expert
irene [dot] haensli [at] svv [dot] ch
Eduard Held_Teambild

Eduard Held

Director Natural Perils Pool
Head of Non-life and Reinsurance
eduard [dot] held [at] svv [dot] ch
Gabor Jaimes_Teambild

Gabor Jaimes

Property, Cyber and Natural Hazard Insurance Expert
gabor [dot] jaimes [at] svv [dot] ch
Daniel Jontofsohn_Teambild

Daniel Jontofsohn

Head of Health and Accident Insurance
daniel [dot] jontofsohn [at] svv [dot] ch
Daniela Merola_Teambild

Daniela Merola

Non-life and Reinsurance Claims Adjuster
daniela [dot] merola [at] svv [dot] ch
Jean-Philippe Moser_Teambild

Jean-Philippe Moser

Divisional Head of Insurance Industries
Divisional Head of Insurance Industries
jean-philippe [dot] moser [at] svv [dot] ch
Patrizio Pelliccia_Teambild

Patrizio Pelliccia

Claims and insurance medicine Expert
patrizio [dot] pelliccia [at] svv [dot] ch
Denise Piaz_Teambild

Denise Piaz

Health Insurance Expert
denise [dot] piaz [at] svv [dot] ch
Krisine Schulze_Teambild

Kristine Schulze

Head of sustainability
kristine [dot] schulze [at] svv [dot] ch
Tanja Wilke_Teambild

Tanja Wilke

Non-life Expert
tanja [dot] wilke [at] svv [dot] ch