Em­ploy­ee sta­tis­tics

27 October 2020

In 2019, the Swiss private insurers employed some 46,000 people in Switzerland, according to the latest employee statistics. The corresponding data are gathered every two years at year-end by the SIA.

At the moment, some 2,000 people are being apprenticed or trained by the Swiss insurance industry. Women occupy over 30% of all higher management and executive positions. One in four employees works part-time, and one in three is active as a customer consultant.

The employee statistics relate to all FINMA-licensed enterprises. Since 2006, they also comprises the health insurance sector including those employees that are active in non-mandatory health insurance.

Employees in Switzerland

The Swiss private insurers employ around 45,937 people in Switzerland, 57 percent of whom are male, while 43 percent are female. As compared to the previous year, the number of employees declined by 0,6 percent.


The Swiss private insurance industry counts 34,835 FTEs, or 76% of all employees.

Part-time employment

24% of the employees in the Swiss private insurance industry work part-time, with 8,111 (or 75 percent) women holding part-time jobs as opposed to 2,726 (25 percent) men.

Trainees and apprentices

The Swiss private insurers employ 2,075 apprentices and trainees. This is equivalent to 4% of all insurance employees.

Upper management

The Swiss private insurance industry counts 3,113 members of upper management with women being increasingly represented in these upper echelons (currently, 20% of all managers are female, as opposed to 18.8% in the year before).

Management (all levels)

The Swiss private insurance industry numbers 13,697 managers or 30% of all employees. Women hold 33% of all managerial positions.

Customer consultants

14,593 customer consultants work in the Swiss private insurance industry, 29% of whom are female.


In 2019, approximately 7,078 employees or 17.5% of foreign nationality worked in the Swiss private insurance industry. Their share has increased by 0.5% compared to the previous year. Almost 90% of the foreign employees come from the EU/EFTA region.

Employee statistics 2019 (in German)